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Inspired Music Lessons

Where students find the instruction
for a lifetime of music making


Are you:


Inspired to hear a piece of music, and would like to express its character and spectrum of sound and color?


Wanting to play again after some time away from your instrument?


Preparing for an audition or music program?



Amadeus Music School is dedicated to helping students of all ages and levels achieve their musical goals. Based in Lexington, private and group lessons are offered in PIANO, VIOLIN, FLUTE, CELLO, GUITAR, and VOICE. Lessons-at-home are also available for the greater Boston area.


A free introductory lesson is offered by appointment to new students.

Our passionate faculty, graduates of music conservatories, are motivating teachers with effective and exciting approaches to music learning and development. Lessons are uniquely centered around a student's natural ability which promotes steady progress and rewarding music making.


A Student Recital is held every June.

"Our daughter is an advanced piano player with lots of enthusiasm but very little time to practice. Despite this constraint, Eamonn has done an excellent job of working around this issue and managing to improve her playing. He is very patient and understanding of the student's unique goals, and provides excellent resources that both improve technique and spark inspiration. Additionally, we had a wonderful experience at the summer recital. The student environment is very supportive and the music that is shared is simply fantastic."
Roshni Ray, Lexington High School Graduate

"Scientific evidence suggests that even a little music training when we’re young can shape how brains develop, improving the ability to differentiate sounds and speech. Thus childhood music instruction has strong linguistic benefits and improves performance on everyday listening tasks."

"There is a body of research that suggests music training not only improves hearing, it bolsters a suite of brain functions. Musically trained kids do better in school, with stronger reading skills, increased math abilities, and higher general intelligence scores. Music even seems to improve social development, as people believe music helps them be better team players and have higher self-esteem."


Wilcox, Christie. Even A Few Years Of Music Training Benefits The Brain: Scientific American

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