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The Extraordinary Gift of Music

As the universally shared language, music is the deep resonance which moves and shapes us. This tradition which spans centuries is our inheritance and prime responsibility. Being capable of musical expression simultaneously creates the need to share and participate in its evolution. The ancestral gift of song, the rhythm of movement, the creation of animated form layer-upon-layer: it's all there.


The encouraging and stimulating environment fostered at Amadeus Music School nurtures love of music in all. Our teachers are wholehearted musicians who have graduated from music conservatories, and steeped in the best eclectic traditions. Our principal goal is to guide the student toward a capable musicality and instrumental technique.

"Mr. O'Hara has been teaching my 10 year old daughter. He is able to break down complicated passages and make them simple. He has demystified piano for her and she is making wonderful progress. She is also happy. I thought he was so gifted that I have gone back to piano. He has been fantastic."

E. Daher, M.D.



Private Lessons

Beginning instruction is structured to establish the foundation elements in music. We learn about the workings of our own instrument and start building a core of practice centered around rhythm, pitch, phrasing and sight-reading.

Intermediate course is for students at home with the basics. Technique is strengthened through progressive exercises, playing more varied and challenging repertoire, and reading new music at sight. Steady and efficient practice is needed to maintain consistent results.


Advanced students receive specialized preparation for Junior & Senior District Competitions, All-State Competition, Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra & NEC Preparatory Ensemble auditions.

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