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Students and professionals alike share their positive experiences about AMS...



"The best music school in our area!

Soo and Eamonn are dedicated teachers and greatly encourage young musicians in a positive and supportive environment.  They teach a wide range of music and really listen to their students' needs.  Both of our children, with the guidance from Amadeus Music School, have consistently developed as fine young musicians. Learning how to sightread music well has also helped my children in school choirs. Before our older daughter was accepted into Harvard and Yale, she didn't have any significant sports,but she was able to mention her piano experience. Our younger daughter's excellence at playing the flute has allowed her to join marching band while focusing on learning the marching patterns. She has also been accepted into District competitions and currently enjoys being part of the New England Conservatory Preparatory Ensemble MYWE."

Sue and Dan Weidman, Bedford, MA

"Soo is passionate, talented, and dedicated to seeing her students succeed. During our lessons, she challenged me to tackle difficult pieces, coached me for Junior District auditions and performances, and instilled an appreciation for hard work and persistence that has translated to my academic and athletic pursuits. Soo truly cares about the happiness and success of each of her students, and I would recommend her to any student looking to dedicate him or herself to learning and appreciating music."

Ruth Hanna, Yale University, Commonwealth School graduate

"It is my pleasure to recommend Eamonn O'Hara as a motivating, inspirational and extremely knowledgeable instructor of piano. Not only is his musical expertise evident in all work he has done with our three children, but his consummate professionalism is ever present and a wonderful example for any child. He is always prompt and has been very accommodating to our busy family's schedule whenever possible."

Carol Ryan, Milton, MA

"Eamonn is a talented musician, always able to bring out the best in our children, no matter what their temperament or talent. Serious and kind, our family is enriched by his presence in our lives."

Sylvia Fernández del Castillo

"Mr. O'Hara has been teaching my 10 year old daughter. He is able to break down complicated passages and make them simple. He has demystified piano for her and she is making wonderful progress. She is also happy. I thought he was so gifted that I have gone back to piano. He has been fantastic."

E. Daher, M.D.


"I would highly recommend Eamonn to anyone who wants to experience a genuine passion for the instrument. Eamonn was one of few teachers I have ever encountered who was able to maintain my motivation to learn with his supportive teaching style. There was no cookie-cutter approach to anything. He structured my lessons such that I learned pieces effectively well, but also took a rigorous approach to developing my technical skills. As a result, I practiced a lot and learned fast. Yet it never felt like hard work. My experience with Eamonn was overwhelmingly positive. I am about to graduate college and piano has become a favorite hobby, and will be for many years to come."

Kevin Lai, University of Pennsylvania, Lexington High School graduate


"Ms.Choi has been a very responsible and dedicated teacher for my daughter, Sophie Lu. She helped my daughter to be accepted into NEC Preparatory Ensemble MYWE, Junior Districts, and now Senior District Competition. I don't believe NEC would have been possible without Ms. Choi's guidance. She's a great teacher and truly wants the student to do well. Additionally, not only does she want to improve her flute playing during class, she also gives her many exercises to do for everyday practice. Ms. Choi changes her lesson to fit my daughter's needs and goals. For example, Ms. Choi gives her sight reading technique every lesson, which was before a weakness, and her reading has improved tremendously and feels very confident now. She is very genuine and caring. She's definitely a very effective yet also personable and friendly teacher. Ms. Choi is a great role model for all the diligence and passion she brings to flute playing."

Lili Wang, Newton, MA

"Ms. Choi has been such an amazing teacher and mentor over the years. I still remember walking nervously into the school for the first lesson. She helped me feel comfortable and taught so much in just sixty minutes. I'm eternally grateful for all of her support and advice. She's helped me become a better flute player and a better person."

Sophie Lu, Boston College, Newton South High School graduate

"Eamonn O'Hara is both impeccably encouraging and knowledgeable. He always knows what to say to generate improvement and inspire me. His patient yet effective style of teaching allows me to enjoy playing piano. He helped me prepare for—and become a winner of—the American Fine Art Music Festival's International Piano Competition, which I was proudly able to mention in my resume and awards section in college applications this year. Piano has become my way of relaxing during stressful times and developing my character with regards to perseverance and hard work. It is something I plan to keep a part of my life forever."

Jianna Lin

"Soo is always patient and encouraging. It was incredible what a difference I felt in my playing after each lesson. She taught me valuable techniques on how to practice effectively which have been so useful that I’ve even been able to apply them outside of my flute-playing. Her skills and lovely personality make her a wonderful flute instructor."

Erika Lu

MIT Computer Science and Engineering, Lexington High School graduate

"Eamonn O'Hara is an extraordinary teacher, as excellent with kids as he is with adults. With children and adolescents, he is patient, attentive and attuned, able to engage their interest and challenge them to achieve at their highest level. As an adult, my strengths, weaknesses, and learning style are different than that of my children. Eamonn has been wonderfully responsive to these differences, building on the positive aspects of my playing while helping me focus on the important particulars that raise my playing to each new level. Among other things, Eamonn has many ways of breaking down a section of music so that not only are the technical difficulties more easily mastered, but one's sense of confidence more readily grows. It should also be noted that Eamonn is an accomplished performer, thus able to teach not only technical mastery but the nuances that make music-making beautiful."

Cathy L., Brookline, MA


"Eamonn has a joyful reverence for music, and with his exceptional talents in performance and education, he's managed to inspire me and my siblings to see the softer side to life. I haven't gained a parlor trick; I don't care for piano as a means to impress or strut. I care for it only because it's a way to create and experience art. He hasn't just taught me to play sonatas, he's given me a ticket to a grand, beautiful world which I'll continue to explore for the rest of my life."

Andrew Fernández del Castillo

"Eamonn is without fail polite, gracious, funny and pleasant to be around, making me look forward to our weekly meetings quite a bit. Beyond that, of course, he is a remarkably talented musician. He plays beautifully, providing an excellent model of technique and musicality. He provides entirely effective practice techniques, advice, and musical guidance. He inspires me to practice and play well, and gives me the tools I need (technically and musically) to do so. Without Eamonn, I would probably not be playing piano right now, and if I were, I would be half the pianist I am. His deep love for music and specifically the instrument is always on display. I would recommend him as a teacher in a heartbeat. You will be glad to be learning piano from him, and you will be glad to have him in your life."
Juan Carlos Fernández del Castillo


"Eamonn is very patient with me. I like him. He teaches me pieces that are interesting. He is also fun and helps me with my note reading. He is a great teacher."
Ana Fernández del Castillo


"Eamonn is a perfect teacher. He means a lot to me. We make good music together. I wish I saw Eamonn every day."
Juan Pablo Fernández del Castillo


"Soo was the superb guide in my daughter's flute studies.

With Soo's help, her playing reached a high level and led to success in All-State and District Competitions, as well as NEC Youth Symphony audition. Her effective teaching style combined with a generous and compatible personality makes Soo the perfect teacher. My daughter continues to play flute in college and thank you for all your great work with her."

Y. Lee, Newton, MA

"Eamonn is a great teacher. He is patient and kind and makes learning music fun. ‎I only started this year and I already love playing piano, thanks to him."

Matthew ‎Tseng Sabatine, Age 9

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Eamonn O’Hara. His gentle and encouraging nature works well for my children, and I am so proud of their progress in this short time period.  Eamonn is patient and friendly, and his enthusiasm and love for teaching shines through every lesson.  His knowledge and expertise for teaching piano is unsurpassed.  I would highly recommend Eamonn to teach children and adults of all ages."

Anne Tamer Hajjar


"Our daughter is an advanced piano player with lots of enthusiasm but very little time to practice. Despite this constraint, Eamonn has done an excellent job of working around this issue and managing to improve her playing. He is very patient and understanding of the student's unique goals, and provides excellent resources that both improve technique and spark inspiration. Additionally, we had a wonderful experience at the summer recital. The student environment is very supportive and the music that is shared is simply fantastic."

Roshni Ray, Lexington High School Graduate


"Thank you for all the lessons and memories we shared over these past few years. It was more than just the music and I felt that I could communicate with Ms. Choi on a personal level which helped a lot with my goals. I will always remember our lessons."

Brandon Byun, Syracuse University, Newton South High School graduate


"Soo is 110% dedicated to helping her students achieve their individual goals. She is passionate about what she does and having her students reach their potential. She gives you the tools you need to consistently improve and pushes you to be your best while giving you the encouragement you need. I will not take flute lessons from any other teacher and look forward to working with Soo for years to come."

Sarah Isaacs, Lexington, MA


"I decided to start flute lessons with Soo because my mother and I had heard that she was an amazing teacher. And that is exactly what she proved to be. She wasn’t just any normal music teacher though, Soo didn’t just teach me how play difficult pieces and memorize all my scales, she taught me how to work hard for something I was passionate for like getting into District Competitions or being accepted into my high school’s wind ensemble. She proved to me that hard work pays off just by working hard herself, working hard toward teaching me and motivating me. Soo truly loves the flute, it is obvious to anyone who sees her play, but she radiated this passion and hard work onto me during every lesson. I learned to play the flute, sure, but I also learned how to work hard and love music. And Soo wasn’t just my teacher, we became friends; she always asked me how I was doing, if I was upset she would try to cheer me up, and she has kept in touch with me even after I went to college. She has become a great role model in my life. The hard work I learned from taking flute lessons with Soo, I have taken and carried on with me in my life in college. Learning an instrument taught me much more than how to play melodies, it taught me determination and passion for something I loved. And I wouldn’t have gotten such an amazing experience if not for Soo. She is truly a wonderful woman, teacher, and friend." 

Tanya Songtachalert, 18 years old, Flutist, Lexington High School graduate

"Eamonn is our piano teacher and it has been a very positive experience. He started teaching our son and now all four kids take weekly lessons. Eamonn is a wonderful teacher, he relates well to the children and is extremely pleasant to deal with. Through Eamonn the kids have developed a love of music and it is a wonderful way for them to relax and unwind at the end of a school day."
Karen O'Sullivan


“Soo Choi is a very passionate and thorough instructor. What I found especially helpful was how she stressed the basics of flute playing, which I learned first from her that no one can disregard. A solid foundation is critical in developing more advanced skills as a musician and today I still rely heavily on the foundation that Soo Choi helped me lay. This helped me get into Senior District and All-state Competitions."

Eunice Lee, Belmont High School, Harvard University



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